Artist Statement

My art develops from personal unease or fear.  These often un examined places hold valuable information that can reflect back on oneself and reflect on larger systems at play. Once I land on an idea that causes friction for me I dive into performance, sculpture, collage, installation and video as a way to zoom in and out of these subjects.  I find the energy stored inside a body holds a vast depth of knowledge that activates a place between spoken and written knowledge, and our embodied experiences.  Collaboration around these topics opens up possibility for difference that we can embrace and include within the project.  The energy of having multiple moving bodies also provides other windows into uncomfortable topics.  One way I work is by taking objects or ideas that contain a preciousness in puritan, american culture and finding ways to make those ideas grotesque or satirical.  This is a way I challenge my perceived notions of authority and what is sacred.


Haylee Warner is an interdisciplinary artist & dancer currently located in Philadelphia, PA.  She attended the Headlong Performance Institute in 2017 and holds a B.F.A. in Dance from The University of the Arts. Her influences have come from working with artists such as La Pocha Nostra, Esther Baker-Tarpaga and Faustin Linyekula.  Haylee's performance history has included Bury our Guns, Not our Bodies through the PMA, Philly Files at The Painted Bride (PHL), ZOCO in Tijuana MX, and Dis(place)ment benefit concert at St. Kevin's Arcade in Auckland.

Haylee is also a Holistic Health Counselor and community activist.  She offers a workshop titled "Healing our Bias" combining anti-racism, gender inclusion and somatic movement.  See her Healing Website