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The University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA                                                                                                            May 2016

      BFA in Dance with honors

Work Experience

Freelance Videographer                                                                                                                                 2014 - Present

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instructor, Kula for Karma                                                                                                  Sept 2017-Present

Dance Instructor, Administrator, Equilibrium Dance Academy                                                                                  Sept 2016 - Present

Yoga Instructor, Social Media Manager, Website Upkeep, Healing Arts Collective                                                     Sept 2016 - Present

Wellness Provider, Do it Better Wellness                                                                                                            July 2106 - Present

Yoga Instructor, Transformation Fitness                                                                                                               May 2016 - Present

Work Study Assistant, Free Library of Philadelphia, Walnut Street West Branch                                                        Dec - Aug 2015                     

          Tutoring students in (LEAP) and assisting with circulation needs. (shelving, shelf-reading, data entry)

Maker Mentor, Free Library of Philadelphia                                                                                                       Summer 2015

           Mentoring children and adults with interest based creative projects and developing twenty-first  century skills.

Work Study Assistant, Greenfield Library, Philadelphia PA                                                                                   Sept 2012 - Aug 2015

          Assisting with circulation needs.

Editor and Assistant Camera Operator, Jorge Cousineau                                                                                     Oct 2013-May 2015

         Project based, performance documentation and editing                     

Workshop Instructor, Experimental Movement Concepts                                                                                       Summer 2014 -15

       Taught week-long dance-film workshops for Elementary and Highschool students; ranging from the basic principles of dance for film, through setting original choreography to create a dance film.


Dance Intensives


La Pocha Nostra, Guillermo Gomez Pena                                          Summer 2015

San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, Summer Rhatigan                      Summer 2013

Falls Bridge Improvisation Intensive, Margaret Paek and Rebecca Bryant    Winter 2013

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Darryl Tracey                              Summer 2011



Preyed Upon, Prayed Upon         June 2017

This solo is a challenge to the colonized woman.  It seeks to find freedom within the construct and draws parallels between the doe and woman.  Both have been historically sacred, but also a prey to man.  I am challenging the fine line between honoring and requiring unrealistic expectations.

-The Iron Factory, PHL

Sugar-Coated     December 2016 - February 2017

This is an ongoing performance and study of failed whiteness specifically in relation to race politics and the USA's religious politics.  This began as a solo, evolved into a duet with musician Ashley Tryba and is continuing to grow into a trio with Evelyn Langley.

ALIEN Asylum at The Gateway, Brooklyn, NY

Gather Philly at Chapterhouse, Philadelphia, PA

The Sowing at Mascher Space, Philadelphia, PA

Products of a Defective System     April 2016


This interactive dance installation is filled with five allegorical representations of imperialism and one narrator representing capitalist imperialism that intersects all five journeys. The piece is completely collaborative spanning two years of intense academic and physical research. The intent of this work is to show the intersectionality of various oppressive systems and how they have been consistently active.

The Iron Factory, Philadelphia, PA



Intersections     February 2016

Made specifically for Art Church’s event “Racism is Sickness,”  this piece Incorporates pop music and culture chains and fabric to address queerness, racism and white guilt.  Uncomfortable, humorous and serious we hope to bring about a call to action within the white community, while simultaneously showing the many layers involved in the process.

-Art Church, Philadelphia, PA



XColonative      Aug 2015

A site specific piece performed at ZOCO.  This piece explored the colonization of Mexico and Native lands along with the colonization of female bodies and the binding force of menstrual blood.

- Pasaje Rodriguez, Tijuana Mexico.


(Dis)placement      Oct. 2014

A site specific dance installation  performed at the Gaza Crisis Appeal, with benefits to Tearfund NZ for Gaza Crisis.  This installation was meant to invoke a sense of bodily crisis and in some way paint an imperfect picture of the displaced families in the Gaza strip.  

-The Wine Cellar and Whammy Bar at  St Kevin's Arcade Auckland,  NZ



Illusions of Home       Oct - Nov. 2014

A dance piece performed at RE: PLACE and curated to perform at ACTION.

Home as location? Home as Relation.  Relationships with others create each and every temporary home we navigate. Homes built again and again every time we Re: Position. Re: Space.      

-RE: PLACE, Maidment Arts Centre, Musgrove Studio

-ACTION, Maidment Theatre   Auckland, NZ





Lick my Gun                                                                                    April 2017

Mascher Space, PHL

Choreographer: Zornitsa Stoyanova

Perception                                                                                    January 2017

Mark Morris Studios, Philadelphia, PA                                              February 2017

FringeArts, Philadelphia, PA

Choreographer: Ixchele Mendez

Daddy's Girl                                                                                 January 2017

CEC, Philadelphia PA

Choreographer: Annielille Gavino-Kollman

Raphstravaganza                                                                           August 2016

City Hall, Philadelphia PA

Choreographer: Raphael Xavier

Pew Grant Supported

The Performers                                                                              August 2016

UCAL, Philadelphia PA

Choreographer: Erica Janko

Hatch                                                                                           June 2016

The Performance Garage, Philadelphia PA

Choreographer: Mawiyah Dowd

Philly FIles                                                                                       May 2016

Re-Place-ing Philadelphia, The Painted Bride and The University of the Arts

Choreographer: Faustin Linyekula

Be Here Now                                                                                   May 2016

Spring Dance Series C, The University of the Arts, Philadelpiha PA

Choreographer: Esther Baker-Tarpaga


YOU                                                                                                December 2015

Winter Dance Series A, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA

Choreographer: Jesse Zarrit


Another Day, Another Way                                                                  May 2015

Spring Dance Series C, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA

Choreographer: Olivier Tarpaga





Marketing and Media coordinator, The Iron Factory + Allendance                               2014 - 2016

       Director: Lora Allen            

        Documented process, Edited video, Developed promotional materials


Administrative Assistant, The Iron Factory                                                                2014 - 2015

     Directors: Lora Allen and Tori Lawrence                                                                     

      Organize and file documents, promote artists, develop fundraising events, pitch to new renters, maintenance, film and edit promotional videos


Marketing Intern, The Dance Apocalypse                                                               2014

    Artists: Gabriel Revlock and Nicole Bindler

    Documented progress and marketed performances.


Assistant Filmmaker, Marketing Intern, Administrative Assistant, Tori Lawrence + Co        2012 - 14                                                  

    wrote grants, developed fundraising events, scouted film locations, marketing


Community Engagement


Books Behind Bars

    Aids in book “packathons” to provide reading materials to incarcerated persons.                                2016

Free english tutor in West Philadelphia for immigrant families.                                                              2014 - Present

    Built relationships with immigrant families in my neighborhood through working at the library, and began to offer in home services.

Volunteer, McCurdy School                                                                                                           2010-2012

    Organized and opened children’s library, maintenance services, demolition.




The Yoga Garden: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification                                              2014

Summit Education: Continuing Education in Pediatric Yoga                                                       2015

Palo Sancto Wellness Boutique: 100 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification              2016

Transformation Yoga Project: Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certification                                               2017




Filming, Editing in Final Cut Pro X and Adobe  Premiere Pro, Administration, Teaching Dance for children, Teaching Vinyasa Yoga for adults and children, Marketing, Organisation, Leadership



2010 - present

2010 - present

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